Do's & Don'ts

Hire A Local Guide

Always travel with a local guide So that you will get the proper Guidance and information.

Keep Silence

Never make noise or use loud music in jungel areas. Always follow the rules during jungle safari.

Love & Respect

Please love & respect your host & their cultures.

Keep Clean

Your visiting destinations is your Holiday Home, please help to keep it clean Avoid use of Plastics.

Few more points which you should keep in mind during travel-

Keep your ID Proof such as Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Visa original & photocopy along with you during your tour.
Ask your travel operator for proper permit in restricted areas, as ILP-Inner Line Permit / RAP-Restricted Area Permit.
Always check if travel operator has provided you a FA Box, proper tour guidance, a mobile phone & a SIM Card in remote areas for emergency.
Avoid drinking while travelling.
For safety carry Debit Card (Visa/Master/Maestro/RuPay) instead of cash.